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Baggage X Ray Scanner 5030A

This small and light baggage x ray scanner model no. 5030 is designed for quick and easy use where small parcels and bags needs to be scanned. It is very cost-effective and compact mobile conveyor type system. It is best model for use in events, schools, small offices, institutes and hospitals etc.

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Baggage X Ray Scanner 8065

This  baggage scanning machine model no. 8065 is an ideal solution for the visual inspection of check-in rolling baggage, boxes, handbags and parcels without opening them.  This machine is ideal for use at airports, metros, railways, transit hubs and break bulk freight screening.

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Baggage X Ray Scanner 6040

This baggage x ray machine model no. 6040 is best for inspection of various small and mid-size hand baggages.  Due to its design this machine can be easily relocated through most of the doorways. It provides cutting-edge solution for inspection of baggages.  It can also be use for events, hotels, schools  and offices etc.

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Baggage X Ray Scanner 10080

This cargo baggage x ray inspection system model no. 10080 is an ideal solution for inspection and scanning of all types of small and mid-size parcels. It is best for use in cargo, custom, ships, warehouses and places where small and mid-size parcels need to be scanned.

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Baggage X Ray Scanner 6550

This baggage scanner model no. 6550 is intended for scanning and visual inspection of mostly all types of small and mid-size bags, parcels and baggages.  Because of its compact design this x ray scanner maintains mobility and can be move easily from on place to another place.

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Baggage X Ray Scanner 100100

This cargo x ray scanning system model no. 100100 offers a sophisticated technology with large tunnel size & less scanning and inspection time without opening and unpacking of inspected object. It meets the requirement of airports and logistic companies.

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