Baggage X Ray Scanner in Delhi

Baggage X Ray Scanner in Delhi

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We are leading supplier of all types of Baggage X Ray Scanner in Delhi. We deals in almost every type of baggage x ray machine.  We  have all types baggage scanning  machines with different tunnel sizes like: 5030, 6040, 6550, 8065, 100100.  We provide best quality Baggage X Ray Machines at very low cost.  We provide these Baggage X Ray Scanning System all over India.

Due to the increase in terrorism now a days these Baggage Scanners are very much in demand for safety.  We provide customized solutions as per the need of industry or client. We have different models of X Ray Baggage Scanners for different industries like: Small Size Baggage X Ray Scanner for Schools, Institutional Areas, Hospitals etc., Medium Size Luggage Scanners for Embassies, Airports, VIP Events, Government Buildings etc., Big Size Cargo Scanners for Cargo Industry, Supply Chain Industry, Warehouses etc.

The system which we provide for Baggage Scanning is best in its class and the most important thing is that our Baggage X Ray Scanner is very low in cost.  Our basic model XJ 5030 just starts for Rs. 8,50,000.00 only, this cost is very low then other suppliers cost. Many times most of the organisations or industries ignore to install these x ray scanners because of higher costs but now we are trying to do our best for reducing the cost of the machines.  Because for us Security of our nation is important then making big profits.

We also provide these Baggage X Ray Scanning Systems on lease for a week / month or a customized period as per the demand of our client. In this process client just need to give a very little amount on monthly basis as rent of machine.

If want to buy these Baggage X Ray Scanners in Delhi please call at : 9818821303, 9818521303 or

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